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Angco Striping is proud to be installing Pathway Perceptions Pavement Markings


Color markings are being used around the country to delineate bike lanes, bus lanes, crosswalks and pedestrian safety areas. As more cities are creating complete streets, the sustainability of the material used for color lanes needs to be considered.


Pathway Perceptions marking material is not only one of the most durable markings on the market, but it can be applied in cold weather extending the marking season. Due to their high durability and color stability, MMA road markings cost less in maintenance and material costs over the extended lifecycle of the markings.

Green Bike Lanes: A Savannah Success Story

IT BECAME TRUE the moment a crew from Angco Striping reached the south end of Price Street, but a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Aug. 31 made it official: Savannah has more miles of green bike lanes than any city in Georgia.

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