Green Bike Lanes, Bus Lanes & Crosswalks

Pathway Perceptions (PPG) is a polymer enhanced asphalt emulsion blended with premium selected materials to provide a specified hue that meets the color requirements as called out by the FHWA and the FDOT. PPG is chemically reinforced to provide superior adhesion while at the same time providing a flexible, skid resistant surface that prohibits penetration of water and oil.

  • Florida

  • Colored Cross Walks

  • Orange County

Angco Striping installs green bike lanes and road striping, signage, and markings across the American southeast. The material applied on Price and Lincoln Streets in Savannah by Angco Striping isn’t technically paint. It’s methyl methacrylate, a low toxicity organic compound, to which aggregates are added for skid resistance, making the surface less slippery when wet.

  • Georgia

  • Green Bike Lanes

  • City of Savannah

Pathway Perceptions is typically used for demarcation of crosswalks, bicycle paths, bus lanes, and other specially designated areas. It can be applied at night and installed on either concrete or asphalt surfaces. Pathway Perceptions is UV stable and incorporates various aggregates that create appropriate skid resistance for the given application.

  • Florida

  • Colored Cross Walks & Bike Lanes

  • City of Orlando

Pathway Perceptions MMA has excellent adhesion, a long life cycle and is UV stable. It cures quickly and there are no working hazards making our product very cost effective for many applications.

  • Florida

  • Brick Crosswalks

  • Orange County